Link Builder Pro Review

Link Builder Pro ReviewIn this Link Builder Pro review we’ll take a close look at exactly what this SEO software program does, and see whether or not it is worth the monthly membership fee being charged.

Link Builder Pro – SEO Automation Tool

If you want to become successful or more successful, then you need to start using automation so you can spend your time more profitably. As far as software applications go, Link Builder Pro, fits the bill when it comes to automating certain SEO related tasks. This clever application can do within a matter of minutes what used to require hours when done manually. But what does that exactly mean?

You can put all the processes in place to generate high quality traffic, but you’ll be saving incredible amounts of time. This is generally speaking a mostly Web 2.0 approach using different social media sites and social tools for external SEO factors. The whole point here is to create backlinks for SEO purposes for higher position, PR, etc. In the following review article we will be looking into how Link Builder Pro can actually be useful in automating your online marketing and to what extent it can be productive.

Link Builder Pro Features

  • Automatically Creates Linkwheels – Your best approach with this strategy for linking will involve spreading your links around on various properties to appear as normal as you can to the search engines. You always want to appear to be linking normally, and try to reduce your footprint as much as you can. What will happen is the software will also create your accounts for you at the different websites, and then your spun articles will be submitted for you. As you know, the backlinks you can create will only help your rankings in search engines.
  • RSS Feed Automation: Creating a linkwheel means you need to use it to its fullest potential, and making an RSS feed is one way to go about that. Link Builder Pro creates and submits your RSS feeds to the most wanted RSS directories for maximum exposure. You will essentially gain again in the search engine results.
  • Automatically Social Bookmarks – This is an extremely well-known and favored method of obtaining backlinks for SEO purposes. This program will take care of it for you by submitting your content to 30 excellent bookmarking properties. The net is full of services who will only do bookmarking for backlinks, so it’s cool because you get that and all the other features.
  • Forum Link Building: Forums with high page rankings should always be looked at as viable sites to put your profiles on. This program will register for those forums, verify your email address and will even include your link. You will be able to stay over the competition due to the quality links you’ll be building with this process.
  • Proxy Support – It’s always important to have reliable proxy support available when you’re doing these tasks. Simply stated, you can add whichever type of proxy you wish to use. That matters because your linkbuilding footprint will appear more natural to the search engines. All in all, after looking at Link Builder Pro, it seems as though it’s for anyone who wants everything automated so that they can concentrate on making their business grow.

Link Builder Pro Review – Final Verdict

If you are an Internet marketer who is interested in getting more targeted traffic and improving your organic search engine rankings, Link Builder Pro is an incredible tool for doing just that. In our opinion, it’s a no-brainer — especially with the $1 trial being offered right now. Highly recommended.


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